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Cheech received this letter from Elana Meyers after rebuilding the bobsled she crashed during traning in Sochi.



February 17, 2014

Hi everyone!

My Olympics experience was pretty miserable up until the other day. A lot of stuff had been happening behind the scenes and I was getting worn down and beaten up. The final straw happened the other day with the sled mishap into the short wall- I hit my breaking point. However, you guys changed everything- you changed my entire Olympics. You guys made it possible for me to do the one thing that I truly love doing and the one thing that I love doing more than anything in the world- you guys gave me the chance to slide. Being able to have my sled completely rebuilt and being able to take those training runs the other day revived me- and changed everything. I was beyond excited and elated to be able to just go down the track and have everything else melt away- and you all made that happen. I can't even put into words how much that meant to me and how much all the work you guys have done truly meant to me. From the bottom of my heart thank you and thank you for saving my Olympics. I wish there was some way I could repay you all- but there's no way I could ever repay how much you affected me and how much your work for me changed everything. You guys are amazing- and I'm so blessed that you are with our team! Thank you thank you thank you!


Regardless of what happens the next two days, I'm going to give you all everything I have- you all deserve that and so much more.


Thank you!



Elana A Meyers
2010 Olympic Bronze Medalist

2014 Olympic Silver Medalist
USA Bobsled